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Our business hours: Mon-Thu: 08:30-15:30 | Fri: 08:30-12:00 


Tel 01580 241307

Business hours: Mon-Thu: 08:30-15:30 | Fri: 08:30-12:00 


Our business’s success is without doubt due to the quality of the ingredients, fresh pork, herbs and spices from respected suppliers and of course the method in which our sausages are manufactured.

During the process temperatures are continually checked, and re-checked. All products go through a metal detector and strict hygiene controls are continually in force.

All staff are aware of our HACCP working practices enabling customers to purchase our products with confidence. All staff have also completed the Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene course, (some have even completed the higher intermediate certificate in food safety to add to the high food safety practices).

Our Success

A recent survey in current outlets showed that both on price and quality we outsell the majority of our competitors on a ratio of 10-1.

Enjoy fine pork sausages from the garden of England.

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